'An amazing learning experience...I now feel much more relaxed and self confident'

- Hubert, AXA Investment Managers

The fast way to confident communication 

'Creative, understanding and patient when working with well-established language bad habits' - Anna, cognitive hypnotherapist




We're an educational company based at the University of Oxford's Innovation offices. We help individuals and employees in corporations learn good English pronunciation to enable them to work more efficiently in an international market. Our clients come from fields as diverse as asset management, design, banking and hypnotherapy.


Customised lessons for individuals and groups via Skype, Zoom or Wechat


A range of educational videos with pronuciation workouts to target your areas of difficulty.

the game

A card game to help you pronounce those tricky English words!


Fun, custom-designed corporate workshops to get your staff communicating fluently.

Ship in the sea or Sheep in the sea?

Very sorry or Velly solly?

Our videos and trainings are designed, country by country, to troubleshoot the most common mistakes that speakers of your language make when learning English. Bespoke training is the fastest way to train your ear and speech organs to speak English well. You will communicate more fluently at work and in any situation where good English is needed.


There is no quick fix for learning to speak English well. It's easy to believe that by practising with videos on YouTube your pronunciation skills will improve. However, the odds are stacked against you and you will waste a lot of time in this way. English is difficult to learn due to its many complex sounds, which are not found in other languages. In addition:

  • you will be replicating the sounds you are used to making in your mother tongue;

  • you may be avoiding saying words that you find difficult to pronounce in English;

  • you probably can't hear your own mistakes; and

  • you may not be practising enough with native speakers.

Language is an expression of a person's culture, and learning a new language is a process of cultural interchange. We are an award-winning service developed at the Saïd Business School at Oxford University and now based at Oxford University Innovation. We offer a highly-tailored level of pronunciation training to address this important and often overlooked aspect of language learning. Our clients come from diverse fields including investment management, blue-chip marketing, engineering and design. 

How we help: 

  • By identifying the sounds you make that are not native to English we work on reducing them.

  • We work on the rhythm and music of English, so that you sound more natural and are not speaking English with a rhythmic pattern that makes it difficult to understand.

  • We will make sure that you are using genuine English phrases rather than reproducing the forms of speech from your own language, which does not produce good, grammatical English. 

In a short period of time your accent will reduce dramatically and you will communicate in English with far more confidence and fluency.

We can work with any nationality, and currently have specialised exercises for French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Turkish and Italian speakers. We can also work with native English speakers with strong regional accents who want to work towards a more neutral/RP accent. Please get in touch with your requirements.


How PronounceMe™ can help you...

Ship to German coast guard control room: "Help, we are sinking!"
Coast guard: "What are you sinking about?"

Pronunciation errors and a poor ear can lead to confused interpretations.

'I enjoyed working with Eisha and found it very helpful in terms of recognising my mistakes and learning correct pronunciation. Eisha’s knowledge of phonetics  combined with her broad understanding of languages allows her to adapt the lessons to suit the needs of speakers from a variety of backgrounds. She proved to be very creative, understanding and patient when working with well-established language bad habits. I would recommend Eisha to anyone who requires a flexible, efficient and innovative tutor.'


'I now feel much more relaxed and self confident, as I am able to focus on the content rather than the form of my speech. 

I felt my teacher found the right balance between simple functional exercises during our sessions, off-session work and purpose-built exercises to help me deal with live professional challenges. Lastly, this learning journey allowed me to broaden my  knowledge of British culture through famous poems, songs and movies. I highly recommend this program to any French speaker !'


What Makes Us Different?

We offer bespoke training that is designed especially for your needs. All the exercises are tailored to bridge the gap between spoken English and the sounds of your native language and to get you out of the bad habits that you can't hear, but mark you out as a learner.

The result is, you will improve your pronunciation more quickly!

We're passionate about seeing our students succeed. Our classes are fun and light-hearted and designed to make you see how mispronounced words can lead to confused meanings - once you see your mistakes you'll stop making them!

We offer highly competitive rates compared to many of the English language schools in London. See our FAQ page for subscription rates for online tuition. We can teach anywhere in London Zone 1, central Oxford, or work with you online using WeChat or Skype.


  • Preparation for GSCEs, A Levels, entrance to English schools and universities

  • IELTS preparation

  • Online tutoring

Winner, Oxfordshire
Soup  2017


Let us know how we can help you, via bespoke workshops, face-to-face or online training. 
Sheep in the Sea...

Our English pronunciation training video for native Italian speakers is available for download.

Watch the trailer to learn why Italians tend to mispronounce 'fruit juice'!

28 minutes of bespoke exercises to get you speaking English well.

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