PronounceMe™ for business

This is an exciting time for UK-China business relations. Opportunities for growth and development are unprecedented. But are your English language skills up to the mark?

Conversing with British people is an art in itself that requires good etiquette. The British hold dear the concept of politeness and constantly use 'softeners' such as 'please', 'thank you' and 'sorry'. Without using these correctly and making small talk when appropriate you will risk coming across as rude (however unintentionally). 


English poses particular challenges for native Mandarin and Cantonese speakers. There are many sounds in English that simply do not exist in Chinese languages. The prosody (rhythm) of English is also very different, and native Chinese speakers risk sounding at best, monotonous and at worst, incomprehensible to native English speakers without addressing the challenges that the language presents via bespoke tuition.

Our bespoke English language programme is based on research into the sounds of English that do not exist in Mandarin. We create a bridge between English and your native language, using targeted exercises that encourage the learner to focus on the sounds he/she is making incorrectly in English and to improve them. 

We offer three levels of training in pronunciation and etiquette: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

The result? Spoken English that is clear to listen to and understand, that facilitates communication and the fast building of relationships.

"...after this lesson they learned a lot and now pronounce words correctly!" - Oxford International College

PronounceMe™ for education

You've spent money on tuition for your child to get them into a good English school. Don't let their spoken English let them down.

English public schools have a certain culture, and being able to speak English well confers status on the child. Without clear verbal communication skills your child is likely to struggle to make themselves understood in class and to form friendships easily. It's easy to overlook the importance of communication skills when you are understandably focusing on your child's grades. 

We are affiliated with CulturED and also work regularly with Chinese students via Holland Park Education. Our methodology for young people is a fun and effective way to improve English language skills.

Contact us for more information on how we can help your business or your family with bespoke English language tuition.

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