Masterclasses on pronunciation & accent reduction

A comprehensive business-oriented training programme for non-native English speakers including:

  • A detailed assessment and analysis of the individual's problem areas, with suggestions for improvement. 

  • Troubleshooting of mispronounced sounds in English due to interference from learner's native language. 

  • Pitch, pacing and breathing, to aid comprehensibility.

  • Making presentations, using skills derived from theatre to coach the employee in persuasiveness and effective communication for business.

Investing in your employees' verbal communication skills now will pay dividends throughout their careers. Our training facilitates international and intercultural communication and increases employment and life opportunities for non-native speakers of English. 

How PronounceMe can help

Do you spend time asking for repetition on international calls?

Are your employees able to deliver presentations and communicate with international customers quickly and effectively?

Good English communication skills are essential in the workplace. Yet cadence, rhythm and stress incorrectly applied can disrupt the flow of communication, making it difficult for the listener to understand, and taking up valuable time.

Recent research from the University of Kansas shows that our sense of rhythm in our mother tongue is formed in the womb. Traditional English pronunciation training methods do not take into account how strongly the learner's native language habits are ingrained in their speech. This means that English training is often not as effective as it needs to be.

PronounceMe™ is based on methodical research into those habits. All the exercises are designed to imprint an understanding of the difference between non-native-speaker English and native-speaker English in the learner's mind, to improve mouth position habits and thus to speed up the learning process.

The classes are deliberately fun - and funny - because we recognise the importance of humour as a learning tool. Visual representations of mistakes make it less likely that those mistakes will be repeated in the future. Learning becomes relaxed for the employee who will then be able to deliver more effective communication.






We place particular emphasis on developing a fluid grasp of technical language in your business field so that presentations can be delivered with maximum efficiency and impact. Delegates typically have CEFR B2/C1 competency in English, but we can design a workshop for any level.


Our research into pronunciation habits is ongoing as we aim to serve nationalities from around the world. Our methodology is designed ideally to work with participants from the same national background to achieve the fastest results, but we are flexible. Please contact us with your requirements and we will design a workshop to meet your needs.

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