What makes PronounceMe different?

Why not just use free videos on YouTube?

PronounceMe's videos are meticulously researched and edited to a high standard to provide a structured tutorial and a genuinely interactive experience for the user. 


Most of the free videos on YouTube are random in their content and poorly edited - if at all. In the end, using a well-researched and edited tutorial video will speed up your learning and you can repeat the lessons until you see improvement.

What are the benefits of private tuition?

A private tutor can offer you immediate, in-depth feedback on the areas you need to work on. Particularly in the early stages of working on your pronunciation you will find it difficult to hear your mistakes and distinguish between the different sounds in English that are not native to you.

Changing ingrained habits is not easy and having a personal tutor to coach you will help you to build confidence in speaking and communicating. Later on you will be able to pursue further self-study with books and CDs.

Do I need to learn phonetics?

Did you study phonetics when learning to speak your mother tongue? Of course not!

With the right training, learning to speak English well can be a fun and intuitive process. If you want to study phonetics, this can help to increase your understanding of sounds in different languages. However, as language educators we believe that it is our job to understand phonetics so that you don't need to take up valuable time in this way.

  • Sliding scale of fees for courses of lessons - highly competitive compared to language schools. 

  • Corporate courses for groups on request

  • Pronunciation tuition/accent reduction

  • Lessons arranged at a time and public or business location to suit you - all areas within London Zone 1 covered

  • WeChat and Skype tuition available

  • Don't hesitate to contact us with specific requests - training can be tailored to your needs

'The teaching method allows everyone to participate in
order to improve their English'
- Cristina Tonini, Brescia, Italy
How much do I need to reduce my accent by?

To the point where you can be understood clearly at all times, including in pressured situations such as phone calls and negotiations.

We believe that a person's accent is part of who they are and we do not want to perpetuate the (thankfully diminishing) notion that having an RP (British received pronunciation) accent (the typical BBC accent) is an indicator of better education or intelligence.

However, being able to speak good, clear English and communicate with confidence opens the door to better work/life opportunities internationally.

Can I share the cost of a lesson?

Yes, you can share your lesson with a friend and split the cost between you. You may find it more fun to learn with a friend as you can listen out for and correct each other's pronunciation mistakes! Classes of three or more participants will incur group tuition rates.

What happens when I sign up for lessons?

You'll be sent a questionnaire to fill in so that we know more about your level of English and study to date. This is also your chance to let us know what you hope to achieve from your training. It is also helpful if you can send us a short recording of yourself speaking English so that we can hear your accent.


Payment is made in advance by bank transfer. Lessons can be rescheduled subject to 24 hours' notice - without which they will be forfeit.

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