"useful even after living in the UK for a long time" - Federico B

Our first English pronunciation video for Italian speakers,

Sheep in the Sea, is available for download in our shop

Sheep in the Sea is a 28-minute guide to vowel sounds in English, with detailed instruction on the differences between Italian and English vowels. Featuring a native Italian speaker with phonetic diagrams to illustrate sounds and mouth position.


  • you need clear spoken English to work in an English-speaking country

  • you use English for dealing with clients in business

  • people ask you to repeat yourself when speaking English

  • you wish to improve your international job prospects

  • you are keen to sound more like a native English speaker and less obviously Italian

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Nine short lessons cover:
  1. The cat-a sat-a on the mat-a

       How to stop adding an -a to your words

   2. Cat, cut and cot

       Learn to distinguish difficult vowel sounds

    3. The schwa sound

       The secret behind the most common sound in English!

    4. Quite and quiet

       What is the difference between these words?

    5. Worm/warm - work/walk

       Lots of exercises to distinguish these words

    6. Sheep in the sea

       The short 'i' sound

    7. Puddle & pudding

       Confusing words that look similar but are not!

    8. Read/read - hear/heard

       Differing sounds in present and past tenses

    9. Diphthongs in plural words

       You are probably splitting these sounds by mistake

     See our blog to learn more about why English                            pronunciation is challenging for Italians.

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