Enfin, on peut bien parler anglais!

Même si vous avez étudié l'anglais pendant des années et croyez que vous le parlez bien, vous aurez tendance à remplacer les sons de votre propre langue qui vous rendent difficile à comprendre!


Cela crée des problèmes lorsque vous devez communiquer efficacement avec des anglophones.

  • Cela perturbe le flux de travail.

  • Vous vous sentirez gêné et empêché de parler.

  • Vous serez trop gêné pour demander des directions ou pour commander ce que vous voulez vraiment au restaurant.

  • ​Vous n'obtiendrez pas le travail bilingue,

  • ​and you'll be given condoms when you ask for candles! 

Il y a de nombreux défis avec l'anglais pour les francophones qui empêchent une communication claire:

• L’anglais regorge de sons qui n’existent pas dans d’autres langues


• Le rythme de l’anglais est complètement différent de celui du français


• Vous ne pouvez probablement pas entendre vos propres erreurs!

Developed at Oxford University Innovation in conjunction with the Institut Français, our 4-week intensive English pronunciation training programme for French speakers is designed to tackle the challenges of the English language systematically, paying particular attention to the needs of French speakers.

Your tutor is an Oxford graduate in English who has worked at the Royal Shakespeare Company and the House of Lords and has professional training in theatre and music. We have worked successfully with delegates at AXA IM and Amundi as well as other leading financial institutions. Our training has proven results and has been helping professional people like you since 2017.

'I now feel much more relaxed and self confident, as I am able to focus on the content rather than the form of my speech. 

I felt my teacher found the right balance between simple functional exercises during our sessions, off-session work and purpose-built exercises to help me deal with live professional challenges. Lastly, this learning journey allowed me to broaden my  knowledge of British culture through famous poems, songs and movies. I highly recommend this program to any French speaker!'


The 4 twice-weekly one-hour classes are taught via Zoom. The group size is kept small (maximum 10 participants) in order to allow time for repetition and individual feedback. Homework will be set with pdfs and mp3s for practice. Classes will be held on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, exact time tbc.

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