Mini Sheep in the Sea is a 19-minute version of our English pronunciation training video for Italians, aimed at intermediate level learners.


It features five lessons with practice exercises:


1. Cat, cut and cot

Learn to distinguish difficult vowel sounds


2. Quite and quiet

What is the difference between these words?


3. Worm/warm - work/walk

Lots of exercises to distinguish these words


4. Sheep in the sea

The short 'i' sound


5. Puddle & pudding

Confusing words that look similar but are not!

Learn the most common mistakes Italians make when speaking English, and how to avoid them by learning the correct pronunciation. We cover sounds and mouth position, with plenty of exercises for you to practise, and a lot of fun along the way!

PronounceMe Italy 1 - Mini Sheep in the Sea

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