Eisha Karol Kumar
English Coach
'Teaching in Italy, I became fascinated by why my students were making the same pronunciation mistakes again and again in class after class – which led me to an extensive body of academic research on the differences between sounds in English and Italian. I realised that people all over the world need a methodology developed to help them bridge the gap between their mother tongue and English.'
Sonnet 65

Eisha graduated from Oxford with a first class degree in English and went on to work at the Royal Shakespeare Company and to pursue training in drama and performance - including pronouncing consonant clusters with a bone prop between her teeth! Her interdisciplinary research in sociolinguistics and cultural anthropology led to postgraduate study at LABAN and SOAS. She has taught English extensively and trained blue-chip clients in communication for business as well as preparing students for the IETLS exam in Brescia, Italy.

Eisha is fascinated by languages, having worked, studied or travelled extensively across Europe, Asia and Latin America. She speaks French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and finds that being multilingual enables her to understand better the challenges that her students face when learning English. She is currently developing an app to help students learn pronunciation in conjunction with the Saïd Business School at Oxford.

Eisha worked as an editor in the House of Lords correcting the speeches of Peers!

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